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Pat Strawbridge

Managing Partner





11490 Westheimer Rd. Suite 830

Houston, TX 77077

Branch of Service

United States Navy

A Bit About Me

Rmada United started with a purpose, a purpose to serve our employer at the time.  That purpose grew beyond the confines of the company and opened a path to serving individuals, teams, and other organizations.  By serving, we mean it.  We are passionate about building better leaders.  Better leaders build better teams, better teams make better organizations, and better organizations make a better world.

Serving is in my DNA and serving is something that Rmada United is built to do.  For decades I had the privilege of walking among heroes in the military.  Serving the veteran community, in underserved areas is a passion.  Serving your team enables us to serve worthy veteran-serving organizations.  It's something we've always done, something we'll always do.  

I am honored to be a husband, father, veteran and Fightin' Texas Aggie.  I am proud of the work we've done thus-far and look forward to our journey ahead.  My favorite part of this endeavor is co-developing leadership programs with business leaders with outcomes that exceed expectations and have sustained business-improving impact to organizations and their individual people.

Work Experience

April 2022 - Present Day

April 2018 - March 2020

August 2017 - March 2018

January 1988 - July 2017

Managing Partner at Rmada United.  My primary mission at Rmada United is designing and delivering robust, transformative leadership engagements for our external partners.  Additionally I am currently serving as a fractional COO for a technology startup and consulting on organizational design for a growing manufacturing company.

Director of Leadership Development for an upstream energy services company.  Designed. managed, and delivered organization-wide leadership programming that encompassed multiple business facets beyond core leadership growth.

Learning and Development Specialist with a community health care system.  Created and delivered system-wide learning engagements for leadership and compliance programming.  Consulted business leadership on organizational design and development.

  • Command Master Chief, US Navy.  Primary advisor to Commanding Officer on personnel, operations, and leadership operational and strategic matters (Chief of Staff).

  • Maintenance Director for operational aircraft squadron (planning, execution, logistics, training, and optimization.

  • Director of Training for the Navy's prime avionics training schoolhouse, serving 9,000 military, civilian, and foreign service students annually while maintaining college course accreditation.

  • Production Director for aircraft carrier airwing (prioritization, project management, supply chain management, multi-system equipment preventative maintenance scheduling and management.

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