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About Rmada United

Success is not just about great individual leaders. It is about united teams.

Better teams are the key to unlocking the full potential of every organization. The best leaders want to build a team that is engaged, focused, and committed to achieving their organization's goals.


We are dedicated to helping our clients build better teams that are empowered, motivated, and capable of driving success. We build better teams to make a better world.

Our ethos

Better People Make Better Teams
Better Teams Make Better Organizations
Better Organizations Make a Better World

Meet our team


2023-03-22 Rmada-204.jpg
2023-03-22 Rmada-205.jpg

Patrick Strawbridge

Managing Partner

2023-03-22 Rmada-221.jpg
2023-03-22 Rmada-222.jpg

Clark D. Stuart


2023-03-22 Rmada-201.jpg
2023-03-22 Rmada-203.jpg

Kristi Harden

Operations Coordinator

2023-03-22 Rmada-209_edited_edited.jpg
2023-03-22 Rmada-209_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jason Hitchcock

Managing Partner

2023-03-22 Rmada-198.jpg
2023-03-22 Rmada-197.jpg

Brandy Kness

Leadership Coach


The Rmada United promise.

We recognize that employee training and coaching is an investment of time, money, and human resources. You want to work with a company that provides real value, incredible service, and an unparalleled set of ethical standards.

2023-03-22 Rmada-75.jpg

Promise [1]

We will walk you through the process. We will not leave you or your team.

Promise [2]

We will tell you the truth, so you can

become better.

2023-01-18 Rmada-51.jpg
2023-01-18 Rmada-124.jpg

Promise [3]

We will exceed your expectations. You will see the results and tell your friends.

Promise [4]

We will not waste your investment. Your team will be better.

2023-03-22 Rmada-6.jpg
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