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Create a World-Class, High-Performance Team Using Our Customized Leadership Training Program

Leveraging a Combined 50 Years Experience Creating and Developing Outstanding Leaders in the World's Largest and Most Complex Organization, the US Military, from the Front Office to the C-suite, Rmada United Gives You the Edge

Align Your Team  |  Empower Your Employees  |  Grow Your Business

Navigate the challenging waters of leadership development by partnering with Rmada United's leadership experts

At Rmada United, our team of recognized leadership experts can help you to achieve your goal of creating a strong, healthy organization made up of high-performance, engaged teams that consistently achieve excellence.


By sharing the leadership, organizational, and operational skills that our founders first honed building high trust, high performance teams during their distinguished careers in the United States Navy and follow-on Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer roles in Corporate America.

The Rmada United Difference

Customized Development Plan

We understand that every organization is unique. That's why, instead of using cookiecutter

leadership programs, we partner with our clients in a consultative process to design

a fully-customized plan that perfectly fits their specific needs, challenges, and goals.

Full Implementation

Worried about how you'll implement this program? Don't be. We work alongside our

clients every step of the way to efficiently roll out this customized plan, ensuring

employee buy-in and swiftly achieving profound results.

Sustainable Long-Term Success

Using the tools they learn through our customized leadership plan, your team will be

empowered with the knowledge, skill, and ability to meet and overcome challenges now

and in the future, and sustain long-term organizational growth.

About Us

Our Founders



Pat Strawbridge

Managing Partner

MBA – Texas A&M

BS Psychology – Excelsior College

US Navy Veteran

Pat is a successful executive leader and operations expert. He is an ICF trained leadership coach, accelerating individual leader growth and effectiveness.  Pat is honored to have served 30 years in the US Navy in the aviation community, pinnacling as a Command Master Chief.


Jason Hitchcock

Managing Partner

MBA – Texas A&M

BS – Excelsior College

US Navy Veteran

Jason is an experienced business professional specializing in leadership consulting, coaching, and training. Jason retired as a Navy SEAL Command Master Chief with 27 years of service and multiple combat leadership tours. 

Our Team

Our Services

Transform Your Company and Build Healthy, Happy, High-Performance Teams Using Our Comprehensive Suite of Services



Executive Coaching

Organizational Team Building

Leadership Development Programs

Executive Communication

Change Leadership



Strategic Planning

Process Improvement

(LEAN/Six Sigma)

Operational Excellence

Operational Consulting


Fractional Executive Services

Operational Leadership

Human Resources Leadership

Safety Program Leadership

Chief of Staff

Part-Time Functional Leader


“While working with Rmada United in a previous organization, I saw first-hand how their course structure allows for flexibility and tailoring of the content to meet the needs of the business...The most important thing they do is they ask questions, listen, and seek to understand before putting together a development plan. Most training organizations are about "their way" and not about moving the needle in your business...the investment in your people will return positive results for your business in more effective leaders, lower turnover, and improved morale, just to name a few.”

Jeff Miller, Vice President of Human Resources, Texas Rangers Baseball Club



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