About Rmada

Our mission is the improvement of organizations through rich, self-sustaining development of people and processes. Our history of performance includes executive and operational leadership as well as organizational development for the US Navy and commercial organizational development in multiple industries. We believe all employees deserve better leaders and all true leaders want to be better. We help people reach their best potential. We understand leadership is learned and earned. We start by building skills and developing those skills into competencies. Each course is structured to include areas of interest and guidance from executive leadership. We do not provide canned, open-and-go leadership products.


It started with a conversation. We wondered what kind of impact we could have, and the value we could bring, as outsiders sharing the gift of excellence with organizations. Leadership Development is our starting point, but leadership is pervasive in everything an organization does. We know that our extensive operational experience and operations mindset were differentiators for the people we engaged with. We could speak their language, apply our experience, and transform their lives and that of their teams. As outsiders, we found that our impact was more profound and unrestricted, as we were immune from the internal politics that govern us as insiders and had leadership buy-in due to the investment.


Why? Because:

Better people make better teams.

Better teams make better organizations.

Better organizations make a better world.

*In keeping with our mission, we believe in better organizations making a better world. With that, we proudly donate 10% of all Rmada United revenue to charitable organizations around the world.


Our Team



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Patrick Strawbridge

— Builder of Leaders

Pat is a native Houstonian and Texas A&M Aggie. After serving nearly 30 years in the US Navy, he returned to his home town and pursued a Master in Business administration from Texas A&M University. Rmada United was born through his relationship with his friend and fellow service member Jason. Their combined experience and knowledge in global operations, training, and developing and leading high-performance teams yielded Rmada United.


Pat started in Aircraft maintenance and quality assurance and has vast experience in production and maintenance operations. Two separate leadership tours at Centers for Learning Excellence honed his craft in adult education and development. As a Command Master Chief, Human Resource Management and leadership and organizational development were tenets of his roles and duties. He found himself always seeking opportunities to help his team members realize and achieve their fullest potential.  


After the Navy, Pat combined his operations and HR expertise into a craft of principle advising to yield operational excellence and effectiveness for organizations. First in healthcare during his ‘college job’ and subsequently in the energy industry, Pat helped managers tie-together the people and process sides of leadership, greatly exceeding previous performance standards.


Pat voluntarily serves on several boards and committees in a meager effort to give back to the community around him.

Jason Hitchcock

— Builder of Leaders

Jason Hitchcock developed a ‘best in class’ training and development program for the Energy industry. He has spent the last six years as an Oil and Gas Vice President of Organizational and Leadership Development in the energy industry.


Having spent the previous 27 years in the Navy, Jason retired as a Navy SEAL Command Master Chief with multiple combat leadership tours. He honed his instructional and classroom leadership abilities as a Senior Instructor of SEAL Training (BUD/s), and as the Command Master Chief for all East Coast SEAL Training.


Currently an Executive Masters of Business Administration student at Texas A&M, he specializes in driving cultural change through leadership and education. As an experienced and successful civilian leader, preceded by a strong military career, few understand the impact of leadership at all levels, and even fewer can effectively translate and communicate those skills to every grade and position.


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Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

General George S. Patton